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Rabbit by Ann Summers


The Rabbit Dating App is brought to you by relationship experts Ann Summers. Join for fun, flirt and let the guys do the talking by answering Tell Me More questions. Our knowledge of relationships and dating behaviours make Rabbit a fun but powerful dating tool for the digital age.Rabbit includes features that enable you to learn more about your matches to develop lasting relationships. Did you know over three quarters of all matches made on dating apps never make it to an actual date? Well, we think that’s rubbish.
It’s why we’ve introduced Tell Me More questions to break the ice. Create your own three personal questions to send a guy after they send you a match request and if they impress with their answers you can chat away. They’re also optional, so don’t be scared of initiating that chat if you haven’t been sent any Tell Me More questions, guys!
As a FREE Rabbit user you can:• Create a bio with three profile pictures• Search, swipe and match• Chat to matches and confirm dates• Get access to exclusive Dates with Benefits offers for a first-date from theatre tickets to day trips• Fine-tune your search based on looks, likes and location• Access to Rabbit Files to guarantee accurate user profiles• Prevent users from outside the age range you’re looking for from seeing your profileFor £3.99 a month, subscribing users also get:• Unlimited Tell Me More questions• Three Carrots a month• Full bio and suggested matches• Three more profile pictures• Targeted Search• Ad-free funOther Rabbit functionality includes:Tell Me More – This offers girls the chance to send boys three questions which will help them learn something more about their potential match, rather than just what’s in their profile.
Advanced Search – If a female user sets her search criteria to male, brown hair, 22-28 years old (for example), she will only see males matching this description. However, if in her profile she also sets her preferred age range as 22-28, only males between the ages of 22 and 28 will see her – we’re removing the creep factor!
Rabbit Files – For complete transparency, Rabbit Files will allow users the opportunity to rate their date’s profile accuracy in five different categories, including profile and picture accuracy – ensuring users’ profiles truly reflect who they are.
Dates With Benefits – Through exclusive partnerships with venues across the UK, Rabbit not only helps you create that all-important first date but provides access to discounts too.Dangle a Carrot – Want to get noticed? Dangle a carrot in front of a potential match to jump to the top of their pending list.
Security – The Rabbit app will never store a users’ precise location and, unlike other dating apps, it doesn’t need to use GPS. There is also no financial data stored in the app.
Rabbit is a dating app that takes seriously the needs of its users and to support this we have a partnership with the charity Brook. This will provide our users with access to the charity’s 24/7 tool. We have teamed up with Brook to provide expert advice and guidance for the official Rabbit website on how to stay safe when using dating apps or while on a first date.
Rabbit empowers women to take control of the digital dating game. Bringing couples together is in our DNA. With unique features, brand partnerships and multi-channel marketing support, Rabbit can shake up the UK dating app sector.
There are plenty more features to discover, so download the Rabbit dating app and create your profile today!